The Rolling Stones 50 Years And Counting

”I’ve been a Stones fan for 30 years and this was just a dream. It made my record collection come alive!’
Roar Sandval, Norway.

‘Right on! Excellent day. The best I’ve had in many visits to London’. Roberto (Mexican journalist).

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Morning / Half Day Tour Option

Discover the Roots of the Rolling Stones on a day to remember: Dartford, where the adventure began!

Mick Jaggar - Dartford Park

Mick Jagger – Dartford Park

It hardly seems credible but the Rolling Stones have been one the world’s greatest rock’n’roll bands for over 50 years. And, as every true fan knows, the Jagger and Richards partnership began on the railway platform at their home town of Dartford. On this tour we discover the earliest roots of the band members and follow them through the early years.

You’ll see the birthplace and family homes of both Jagger and Richards; you’ll see the primary school they attended together and also their secondary schools (including the Mick Jagger Centre); you’ll see where they formed with their first band and you’ll visit locations associated with early band member, Dick Taylor. The undoubted highlight of your morning will be replaying that famed meeting on Dartford station platform when the two young men recognised a kindred soul in each other and set out on their 50 year adventure!

Whether you’re a long-time follower, or newly come to the band and want to know and understand their history and tradition, this is the tour for you!

Rolling Stones London Tour

For a Stones special tour, you can do:

-Half day private Stones Dartford (as outlined above!)
-Half day private Stones West London (Ealing, Richmond, Eel Pie Island)
-either of above combined with Central London (Chelsea, Kensington, Soho) to make a PRIVATE FULL DAY tour

-Alternatively join a private half day (per above, either Dartford or West London) and also book seats on the scheduled Classic Rock London afternoon tour (prices as per the website/separate from the private tour options)



This is a custom tour available for private departures. Cost is based on size of the vehicle, how many people, if you choose a half day (2 – 4 hours) or a full day (up to 8 hours.)

Private tours are the date/time of your choice, provided we have a vehicle and driver/guide available. A private tour is just yourselves with the personal services of driver/guide. It is a flat rate for the hire of vehicle/driver/guide:

Contact us for a quote: [email protected]

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