Chelsea: Swingin’ 60s, Punks & Stones London Music Walks

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Chelsea — heart of the swingin’ 60s, here is hippie central, Rolling Stones territory, also a core Punk London Trail.

Your private walk can focus on 60s or punk, or a mix tape of it all!

See places for Beatles, Eric Clapton, Sex Pistols, Clash, Poly Styrene, early Pink Floyd, Marianne Faithfull, swingin’ fashion hubs, a legendary wedding location…Discover Rolling Stones territory along the river...also where Bob Marley, Rita and the Wailers lived for a time in Chelsea, as seen in the new biopic Bob Marley: One Love film.

What a treasure trove of artistic heritage! Chelsea is the high end Bohemian quarter, it was the heart of ‘swingin’ 60s, central to the punk revolution, and playground for the Sloane Rangers of the 80s.

Along the way, glimpse the heritage of royals, writers and artists who called this place home. Discover the leafy lanes and quaint flower filled squares, some so quiet you might forget you’re in the city and in the heart of rock n roll history!

MEETING POINT:  Sloane Square tube station (or, if a PUNK FOCUS, could start from Fulham Broadway station)


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