London Travel Safety Tips

If you are thinking about making London your next vacation destination, kudos for you. You have so many strong reasons why you should that we are not even going to begin to mention them. What we can tell you, however, is that of you are a passionate fan of music, you might want to add our tours on your list of planned activities here. First-time visitors of London should nonetheless go through a safety briefing before they are ready to pack for the British metropolis.

Have Your Emergency Contacts Stored In Your Phone

For an emergency situation, you will of course need to know how to reach the police or the emergency service in the country; for this, save the numbers 112 or 999 in your phones, and also have then written down in a small agenda you can carry around with you at all times. In case of non-emergency cases, you can dial 101 and ask for guidance or assistance. Save numbers for local emergency locksmiths as well so in case you need fast help with unlocking your electronic padlock luggage, rented apartment, or rented car, you can have someone to call. If you already know how to find a good 247 locksmith in Chicago, use the same research skills to find a good locksmith in London as well. Search for someone nearby the address you will be staying at during your travel and take a look at their flat rates so you can set some emergency money aside you can use in case of any type of a locksmithing emergency. Also, use your favorite search engine to pick a locksmith that offers the full range of services, including residential and car, and also one available 24/7 for emergency support and lockouts.

Travel Insurance And Health Services

Know that the main healthcare provider in the United Kingdom is the National Health Service, which is free for residents. However, if you are an overseas national, know you are not eligible for free NHS treatment unless you need emergency treatment while visiting. The best approach is to take out travel insurance in order to cover your medical expenses. There are also cases of travelers coming from countries that have sealed healthcare agreements with the UK and who will benefit from free or discount price medical treatment – in case of a medical issue that has been triggered started after you arrived in the country.

Safety Tips For All Visitors

  • Keep in mind to pay special attention when crossing roads in the UK as cars drive on the left here and you might not be used to this new road crossing approach. Only use designated crossroads and cross when the green man is showing.

  • Only use registered minicabs and taxis and pay attention where you are going to park your rented car of you are planning on using a rental. Opt for secured parking lots and always drive with your car doors locked. Do not stop in the middle of the road for strange people who are flashing you as they might be getting ready to mug you or steal your car.

  • Use portable locks for your hotel room doors for extra safety; most of these locks can be used on all types of door locks, and they are easy to carry and will cause no damage to the doors. They can even be used on lockless doors such as hotel bathrooms.