Rock ‘n’ Roll Spans the Globe!
Check out these sites for museums, tours and other rock related to things you can do if visiting on a holiday!
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AUSTRALIA National museum that has good temporary exhibitions relating to Aussie rock
CANADA One for Neil Young fans! Omemee Ontario, 80 miles north of Toronto. Also has great collection of Beatle-related stuff
Good site for those visiting Paris and fan of The Doors
GERMANY A brilliant Ramones museum! See all Berlin’s musical heritage on this walking tour

FRITZ MUSICTOURS BERLIN Great walking tours of Berlin’s rock landmarks (Bowie, Queen etc)

Great online collections!

Udo-Lindenberg-Platz 1, 48599 Gronau, Germany. Situated near Netherlands border with great ‘Can’ and other Krautrock exhibitions

Must-see exhibition celebrating the early Beatles time at the Star Club

IRELAND Magic tours of Belfast every Saturday; city of Van Morrison, Them, Snow Patrol and Stiff Little Fingers Annual festival commemorating Rory Gallagher and blues Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin – U2 and more Rock and Stroll leaflet available for self-guided walk

Have a beer or stay in Bono and the Edge’s hotel!


John Lennon Museum. Saitama Super Arena, 8 Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama. Lots of stuff donated by Yoko Ono. ‘State of the Art’ experience

No website. Email [email protected] Cafe in Malacca where the owner plays live Beatle music
Presley Museum
UK Great site for buying memorabilia from posters and old gig tickets to autographs and magazines Liverpool’s premier exhibition for the Fab Four The capital city’s oldest and original Beatnik cafe Backstage tours of London’s historic gig site The original London biker’s cafe! Amazing place, especially when the bikes roar in … good music nights, memorabilia and a great place to eat!
Fantastic places to buy your rock memorabilia and original art. Fantastic tours of Newcastle, UK, run by the drummer of ‘Lindisfarne’, amongst others Great walking tour of Soho, London, with guys who enjoyed the 60s there! Beatles Merchandise Bill Wyman’s Sticky Fingers Cafe The Cavern Club, Liverpool Walking tours of the city of Oasis, The Smiths, Happy Mondays and 100’s more! The Casbah Coffee Club, Liverpool Trident Sound Studios Tour A great club that celebrates early rock n roll at the 100 Club Abbey Road Studios, Virtual Visit
World’s largest collection of signed prints and album sleeves right in Birmingham!
The first and original Hard Rock Cafe! Over 40 years old and worth visiting for its memorabilia amazing vault.
Fab Beatle-themed hotel! A must for Mop Top fans visiting Liverpool.
A top venue situated in the Black Country – the Midlands region that gave us Slade, Roy Wood and Robert Plant. 
This London budget accommodation was once a prison. The Clash’s Joe Strummer was just one rocker who overnighted here!
This is the deal! The London rock hotel; mentioned in lyrics, stayed in by the stars. Steeped in Rock’n’Roll history!
A wonderful celebration of the 60s! Lots of nostalgic exhibitions and gigs.
There’s a good argument to say this is where British rock kicked off. It still hosts great R&B and blues nights.
One of the great club names in rock history. Not in its original site but definitely keeping the traditions alive with regular gigs. Great place to see legendary bands and musicians you probably thought were dead! Great walking tour of London’s Camden ‘Brit Pop’ neighbourhood
Beatle-related and other rock-themed walks with Richard Porter, long time Beatle expert.
New York Rock and Roll Walking Tours Great walking tours of NYC Really cool Rock’n’Punk walking tour of NYC, Lower East Side. Iggy Pop, The Velvet Underground, Madonna, Rammones etc! Sun
Studios. Need we say more? Janis
Joplin Museum in Port Arthur, Texas
York Walking Tour
York City’s Original Rock n’ Roll Walking Tour
San Francisco walking tour of Haight-Ashbury hippie culture Rock
star guitars amidst the cars! Where
it all began…The Birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi
Presley Museum
site claiming World Largest Elvis private collection Rock
Hall of Fame, Cleveland

Currently being relocated. Check website for details

The King

Exhibition about the birth of rock and soul music, created by the Smithsonian Institution Soundtracks to our lives!  Motown, Detroit Leland, Ms. Know your Blues History! Really good socio-economic background exhibition as well as music Lubbock , Texas. Like Gracelands and Liverpool; sites all rock fans have to visit at least once in their lives!

Museum on the original site of Woodstock. Pilgrimage site! Website ‘museum’ with great info and links page

The B.B. King Museum in King’s hometown of Indianola, MS, explores King’s 60-plus year career 800 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. A245, Los Angeles. If you’re in LA then this is a ‘must-see’ Travel company for USA musical tours What it says on the box; New York Rock Hall of Fame