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Why not give a Rock Tour for Christmas or as a birthday present? Discounted price if purchased before December 23rd and taken before the end of March.

A rock tour makes an ideal ‘experience’ present for either someone who would value the nostalgia or perhaps someone younger wanting to learn about the history of rock. We supply a voucher and the tour date can be booked as wanted by the recipient of the gift.
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London ‘Swinging Sixties’ Week

If you’re wondering when might be a ‘cool’ week to come to London then put the week of 20 to 27th July, 2015 in your diary! Over the course of the week will be a series of events celebrating this seminal decade.The classic quote is that if you can remember the 60s you weren’t there!

So if you get those loon pants, beads and mini-skirts out you can at least relive the ‘Swinging Sixties’!
Check out the webpage for updates on events

Norway Rocks!

Norwegian rock fans should visit This is the home page for a group of knowledgeable rock fans who hold monthly meetings to share musical notes over a few beers!

Pink Floyd’s Cambridge and London ‘Magical History Tour’ DVD released

Magical History TourA DVD of our tour exploring Pink Floyd’s musical heritage in London and Cambridge has been released by ‘Magical History

Tour’ as part of their series of rock related DVDs.

Want to own some classic Lennon memorabilia that also has great investment value as a piece of art?
Well, here’s your chance.

Renowned sculptress, Laura Lian, produced this amazing bust of John (pic here). It looks good in the photo but it’s really amazing in the ‘flesh’. A limited run of 25 of these, all signed and numbered were snapped up by galleries, celebrity buyers and Lennon fans, with one auctioned for charity in London for £9,500 and the winner was none other than Sharon Osbourne! She probably prefers looking at this to Ozzy!

This bust weighted in at a hefty 80 kilos but, due to the demand for it, and it being 40 years since John’s death in 2010, Laura has produced a smaller version. It is an exact replica but 9 inches high and 5 kilos in weight. The run is limited to just 200 worldwide and they are available at £350.00 each.

Contact us at [email protected] if you’re interested in owning an investment piece.

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