Your Guides

Bob Barber
Bob comes from Leeds, Yorkshire, where he developed friendships with many local musicians who were later to find fame and fortune. He has had many years in the hospitality industry owning and running restaurants and hotels, but has always found time for rock’n’roll. Bob’s likes include all the classic band but, being of the punk generation, he heas a special affection for the bands that coloured his 70’s youth. He has been rocking’n’rolling with us since 2010 and has gained himself a considerable fan club!


Bruce Cherry
Bruce’s love of rock and pop goes back to his youth in South Wales where, in the late 1960s, he was of an age to see some of the great bands in early action. “The best concert I saw as a teenager had Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Nice and my favourite at the time, Amen Corner, on the same bill!” All time best gig? “Really hard to say as there have been so many memorable occasions. However, George Harrison at the Albert Hall stands out, as does Frank Zappa at the Oval. I guess sitting on the stage with the Stones at Bristol’s Colston Hall in 1970 takes some beating!” Bruce’s rock memories also include tour management and he also writes and makes rock history DVDs (see the Pink Floyd DVD).Bruce has lived around the world and now, spending a lot of time in Brazil, also adds ‘Bossa Nova’ and ‘MPB’ to his favourites.


Nora De Bievre
Nora’s rock & roll credentials? She’s a Fat Bottomed Girl and we all know they make the rocking world go round!Born too late and in the wrong country to have actively experienced the great music boom in the 60’s, she got to as many concerts as possible when Belgium became a regular tour stop for most bands in the following decades.The very first one was Dire Straits, followed by Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Cher, ZZ Top, Tina Turner, Blondie, Jeff Healey, and many others, including Flanders’ own rock sons, De Kreuners. She fulfilled a long-time ambition to see The Who just in 2015 and says the wait was worth it! Still, not being able to include Queen in that list is a bit of a heartbreak…


Ian Luck
‘Lucky’ Ian lives and breathes rock. Originating from Northern England, he sang in a late 70s punk band, Nicky Beat and the Beatniks. Ian says the had a smash hit (in that the one person who bought their record ran away and smashed it!) This early, if commercially unsuccesful, brush with the scene was addictive though and over the past thirty years Ian has owned a record shop, worked for Virgin Records, had his own record label (northern Sky Music, featuring mostly English folk-oriented acts) and been a respected tour and road manager. His last major ‘gig’ was tour manager for the legendary Lonnie Donegan, King of Skiffle. Ian also has a claim to fame in having shaken the hands of both Tony Blair and Bill Clinton through his rock work. Ian’s love of the rock genre also sees him buying and selling records, CDs and memorabila at festivals and fairs all over the UK and he’s often returning to London clutching a rare ‘find’ to show to his rock tour participants. Like all our team, he’s often at live gigs thorughout the city and keeps his rock connections fresh.


Derek Smith
Derek’s rock tastes extend back to the late 1950s and cover the entire 60s and 70s. Classic acts, and especially great guitarists, are Derek’s love so Clapton, Beck, Page, Knopfler are his favoured musicians. Queen, Beatles, Stones, Floyd rank amongst his favoured bands. Derek was raised just outside London, in a town that gave us few musicians (though the legendary Ian Drury went to the local school and the Sex Pistols played one of their few gigs there) but which is now a popular residential area for the high and mighty – Noel Gallagher, Chris Rea, an AC/DC, a Spice Girl, Ozzy Osbourne and a few other luminaries can be spotted in local restaurants and shops!


Steve Hudson
Steve grew up in west London and was rocking from an early age as a roadie for his brother’s band, setting up gear in places like the Marquee Club. He later got behind the drum kit himself and played all over the country, with the excellent ‘Brainiac 5, including in various London venues and studios. You can get Steve’s most recent Brainic 5 CD, ‘When-Silence-Was-Sound’, on Amazon. He still gets out to gigs in town when he’s not taking a bus full of rockers across London. All time favourite band? Got to be Steely Dan, and Steve considers himself lucky enough to have seen them in 1974 at London’s Rainbow. Favourite gig/concert would have to be The Stones in Hyde Park in 1969 (just about managed to get the butterflies out his hair by now!).


Mark Bloomer
Though listening to Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass in his parents record collection did nothing to enhance his street and music credibility, he soon saw salvation in the early stage of his career working for CBS Records gaining a large vinyl collection into the bargain (that he’ll never be parted from even under instruments of torture). Following a calling to the Bar of the pub type, Mark successfully ran his own pub(s) before joining London Rock Tours to share his love of music. Mark has eclectic tastes, enjoying all the old favourites to include Genesis, ELO, Beatles & Stones plus currently into Folk/Blues/Roots, Show of Hands, John Hiatt, Bellowhead to name a few. He names Ian Drury as one of his all time greats and his first ever live gig at a tender young age was Motorhead. His great life regret is selling his 100 play 1963 AMI Continental Juke Box and not seeing Pink Floyd or Ian Drury in concert.

Vinyl Rules!


Marcelo Marques
Marcelo is Brazilian from the state of Minas Gerais. His passion for music started during early childhood when his older sister used to take him to matinee house parties and play late 70’s disco. In his teens, he discovered rock when playing bass in a heavy metal band but he also studied modern classical jazz to explore the bass to the most. University meant a lull in his music career but he always found himself wanting to go back to music, when his tastes went from metal to Bossa Nova (naturally!), pop, acid jazz, hard rock and even electronic. Funnily, Samba doesn’t get a mention… Marcelo’s music influences stimulated a move to London where the went through DJ-ing and radio production, inevitably attending many concerts and festivals. Among all classic bands he likes his favourties are David Bowie, Hendrix and Stones.


Steve North
You might feel that you vaguely recognise Steve when climbing aboard the ‘magic bus’ – being an accomplished actor, he’s a familiar face on television, film and London theatre stages. Amongst his many TV credits is ‘Dr Who’ and he appeared in ‘Warhorse’ on the London stage at the National Theatre. Steve also won a prestigious award at the Edinburgh Fringe for his performance as Joe Strummer – somewhat apt as he was also in TV’s ‘London Burning’! Needless to say, he’s a huge ‘Clash’ fan. Being a teenager during the late 1970s punk and New Wave were his first loves he’s also a devotee of classic rock.


Anita Ponton
Born and raised in West London, Anita has always had a love of all types of music. When growing up she encountered and learned to love bands like The Who, Led Zeppelin and David Bowie but as soon as she discovered punk, it was all about the Clash, the Sex Pistols and especially Iggy Pop. Having misspent much of the 80’s in the Portobello Road, Notting Hill, hanging with the ‘bad’ boys and girls of the post punk era, she has a unique perspective to offer on the London scene. Nowadays she is an accomplished artist, writer and university lecturer when not rockin’ around London or attending live gigs.