Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these walking tours?
A. No, they are in a 16-seat mini-bus, or with private groups on a smaller MPV, but we do get out of the bus at various sites for photographs.

Q. Where is the pick-up point?rocktour
A. At the tourist information shop, 17/19 Cockspur Street. The nearest underground is Piccadilly. Occasionally, we have to start from an alternative point when travel in the city centre becomes difficult though parades or demonstrations. You will always be advised of any changes.

Q. What time do we get back from the tours? In time for afternoon tours and theatre?
A. About 12.30 on the morning tour; 5.30pm on the afternoon tour and 8.30 on the evening tour. It can vary due to traffic but we don’t rush!

Q. Where do the tours finish?
A. We drop off at Piccadilly, right in the city centre, close to the underground and theatre district.

Q. Can you collect me from my hotel?
A. Not on regular, scheduled tours. We depart from the central point.

Q. Do we walk across Abbey Road?
A. Absolutely! On the morning, afternoon and evening daily tours.

Q. Can we go inside the Abbey Road studios?
A. No. The studios do not allow visitors inside but you can take lots of photos from outside and write on the wall (if that’s your ambition!).

Q. Are the tours only in English?
A. Generally, Yes. But we run tours in both Portuguese and English on a Monday, but only in English on every other day. For private groups we can operate the tours in French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Q. Are there any entrances fees to be paid?
A. No, everything we see is free.

Q. Can we just turn up on the day and pay on the tour?
A. If there are seats available, yes. However, as the tours are popular pre-booking and payment is advised and this guarantees a seat.

Q. Are there any stops on the tour?
A. We stop at various points on route to enable you to take photographs and we take a longer ‘pit stop’ midway through the tours: at a café or the Hope & Anchor pub on the morning tour, and at either the Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ restaurant, or at the famed Troubadour club on the afternoon Classic tour. There’s no stop on our evening tour.

Q. Do you do private tours?
A. Yes, for any size of party with the cost depending on the party size and the length/type of tour. We have run tours for birthday parties, special occasions, corporate incentive groups, and even wedding showers. We also design and run educational tours on aspects of music and popular culture for college and university groups.

Q. Do you take people with mobility challenges?
A. Yes, as long as they are able to get on and off the mini-van. Wheelchairs can be stored in the trunk.

Q. Are the tours suitable for children?
A. Not for the very young but it’s always lovely to welcome a new generation of rock fans on board!

Q. Do you offer FAM tours for the travel trade and media representatives?
A. Yes. Please contact us with your request. We have worked with major media organisations and worked as local producers for film and TV documentaries on London and the UK’s rock history.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road